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What Our Patients Think About Us:

Jessica M. says,

It was very quick and staff very nice

Michelle C. says,

It was my third time for a continuing appointment to some dental problems and this time was just as wonderfully gentle as the last, Everyone here treats you as if you were their family member. I recommend this office to anyone who is afraid of the dentist, like me !!

Ashly R. says,

Everyone was very nice a professional.

Renee J. says,

It was great. the staff and the doctor were great. they made me feel good. I would tell. people to come to gentle dental and get there teeth done. thanks

Anonymous says,

Very nice staff, was worried about my daughter being scared, but the staff made her feel so comfortable here...great place!! Would definetly recomend

Maribel P. says,

los quiero felicitar por que han cambiado mucho antes uno estaba horas muertas alli para que atendieran a uno y ahora son mas rapido y muy amables y serviciales. bueno voy a seguir con ustedes. muchas gracias y que dios los bendiga a todos

Jessica A. says,

They certainly live up to the name "Gentle Dental"! The Dentist was very professional and seasoned in his field. Ashley, the dental hygienist was very encouraging and kind, with a warm and friendly spirit. The environment staff were extremely welcoming! I haven't said this about many places I've been to. Going to the Dentist isn't a pleasant experience, But this office has changed my view! I would 100% visit again!

Michelle C. says,

Always been a coward when it came to going to the dentist. Even tho I am terrified when I go in, they give me the upmost wonderful care and put my mind at ease, and then I feel NOTHING. Highly recommend !!

Barbara B. says,

I would recommend Gentle Dentist to anyone. I called several dentists and could not find one that was economical as well one that was willing to work with me financially. The staff is very friendly and understanding. Barb B. Reading,Pa.

Bonita O. says,

I always was treated professionally. A bunch of informed staff. Fun atmosphere,and efficent. They have tried to help me, they care

Michelle C. says,

I am the biggest coward when it comes to the dentist. I must have some dental work done in intervals. My first appt. was the cleaning and x-ray, easy stuff, honest, no pain at all especially no picking, all state of the art equipment. Then I started out having 2 teeth worked on. they made me feel so relaxed between Dr. Park, Monika and the whole staff, I am not afraid to get the rest of my work done. when they say gentle dental that is exactly what it means!!

Jimmy L. says,

I was very pleased with your services, and professionalism, in the treatment & being informed of what had to be done with my teeth & gums, etc...

Carl M. says,

All the staff were appreciative of my well being,and my threshold for pain. My new dentures are excellent,i m starting to get get comments from the few people who 1st seen me with them in. This is the 1st time in all my years going to a dentist that i have not "chickened out" I made it through the bad part and now i can hold my head up and face people BECAUSE i don't have any bad or missing teeth in my mouth and i can once more go out and eat in public and have my STEAK...

Annjenneil R. says,

Staff are really nice and gental with your teeth:)

Luis P. says,

I'm happy with ur service the Doctor do excellent job thank

Janet R. says,

This past appointment went really well. There really was nothing uncomfortable about this time.

Bonita O. says,

friendly,professional,made me feel confortable

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New Patients

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Proper dental care is important at all ages. Good dental health requires that you take care of your teeth daily and have regular dental check ups. It is recommended that you receive regular professional dental checkups and cleaning. Call (484) 334-2592 or click here to book an appointment today!

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Tooth on the loose for big smiles! Philadelphia Gentle Dental offices and the tooth mascot, Sir Floss A Lot, hit the streets of Philadelphia to raise awareness about children’s dental health risks and the importance of regular preventive care.


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