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Your smile is often the first thing people notice, so it shouldn’t make you feel embarrassed. If you’ve never addressed crooked teeth or spacing problems because you dread the idea of wearing a mouth full of metal, you may now have a better option. Invisalign® aligner trays can correct many orthodontic conditions without using wires, brackets, or bands.

How the Invisalign System Creates Your New Smile

Invisalign plastic aligner trays move your teeth gradually over a period of months, but unlike braces, they are barely visible. In fact, no one may even notice that you’re wearing them. During your treatment, you’ll wear a series of custom-fitted trays over your upper and lower teeth. Each set is worn for about 14 days and then replaced by a new one. You’ll only remove the trays when you eat or brush your teeth. As time passes, the trays will quietly correct your alignment problems and bite abnormalities.

How Is Invisalign Cost Determined?

Invisalign treatment cost depends on how much repositioning of your teeth is needed to fix your smile. Many patients will find that Invisalign cost is equal to the cost of metal braces while others may pay more. The only sure way to get an accurate estimate is to be evaluated by a dental professional who can assess your unique needs. To learn more about the cost of Invisalign in Reading, contact our office.

Does Dental Insurance Usually Cover Invisalign?

Many dental plans provide Invisalign insurance coverage, and it can reduce the financial burden of treatment significantly. Consult your insurance provider for specific details. If you don’t have a dental plan, we can help you fit your Invisalign cost into your budget with convenient, flexible financing options. Call us to learn how we can make getting your new smile easier.

How Long Does Aligner Treatment Take?

Invisalign treatment duration is directly related to the degree of tooth repositioning that needs to occur during treatment. The average adult patient completes treatment in about 12 months. More complex cases can take as long as two years to resolve. To find out how long it will take to transform your smile, consult one of our skilled Invisalign dentists.

Invisalign Dentists

Invisalign dentists are dental professionals who have had comprehensive training in the application of plastic aligner trays. Most are either general dentists or licensed orthodontists. The specialized experience enables these providers to ensure the best possible results in the least amount of time.

Invisalign vs Braces – A Clear Winner?

The battle of Invisalign vs braces typically ends with a clear winner – Invisalign. Most orthodontic problems can be resolved just as easily by aligners as they can by metal braces, and aligner trays offer clear aesthetic and practical advantages. Unfortunately, aligners may not be the best choice for patients with severe dental disease or abnormalities. These individuals may get better results from wearing traditional braces.

A Quick List of Invisalign Benefits

  • Freedom from dietary restrictions
  • Fewer dental visits
  • A metal-free smile
  • Easier oral hygiene
  • Trays are removable
  • No injuries caused by metal components

Can Everyone Benefit From Invisalign?

Adults with mild orthodontic conditions are ideal candidates for treatment, but children and patients with severe disease or misalignments are not. In these patients, traditional metal braces may actually produce better results. To find out whether you should be treated with aligners or metal braces, schedule an initial consultation with one of our skilled dentists today.

Retaining Your Results After Treatment Ends

After you complete your treatment, you may need to wear Invisalign retainers while you sleep to keep your new smile looking its best and prevent teeth from shifting.

Making the choice to get Invisalign in Reading may be one of the best decisions you can make concerning your dental health and your self-esteem. Call us today to get started on your new smile.

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