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Tooth Crowns in Reading

If you or a member of your family are currently experiencing pain or discomfort because of dental issues, finding the right dental care provider can be critical to your health and wellbeing. Our dental practice offers a wide range of treatment plans and options designed to help you feel better quickly and to ensure that you look your best every day. By choosing our office for your tooth crown in Reading, you can enjoy the most affordable services and the best possible outcomes for all your dental needs.

How Does a Tooth Crown Work?

Crowns for teeth are specialized dental caps used to provide a protective covering over damaged or broken teeth. This damage may be caused by decay or injury. Our skilled dental staff can resolve the issues that caused the problem and can place a tooth cap to provide structural support for your teeth and to ensure the greatest comfort.

Where Can I Get Crowns for My Teeth?

Our office provides all types of general dentistry services, including crowns, for our patients. We can restore your teeth to their proper function and can help you enjoy the most attractive smile, allowing you to make a good impression. By working with our team of dental professionals, you can enjoy the best solutions for all your tooth-related issues.

What Are the Various Types of Dental Crowns?

Porcelain crowns are the most common type of tooth crown and offer a good balance between durability and natural appearance. Gold crown tooth applications can be chosen for aesthetic or for health reasons. For a front tooth crown, your dentist may recommend a ceramic crown thanks to its extremely natural look and feel. Our office will work with you to determine the right mix of options for you.

Is Cost a Concern for Your Family?

If you are worried about the effects of dental crown cost on your family budget, we can deliver a range of options designed to suit your dental needs and your financial situation. We offer payment plans tailored specifically to help you afford the cost of your crown. Our professional administrative staff will work with you at every step of the process to make sure that you receive the care you need at a cost you can manage.

How the Dental Crown Procedure Works

You may require two separate appointments to complete the placement of your crown. During the first, you may be fitted with a temporary crown to protect your tooth while a permanent crown is being fabricated to suit your specific needs. Once this crown is received in our office, we will schedule an appointment to place and affix the crown to complete the process.

If you need dental services of any type, we provide affordable and effective solutions for your needs. Give our office a call to schedule your first appointment with us. We look forward to meeting with you.

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Patient Reviews
The dental assistant and doctor were very friendly and informative. They explained the information very well and showed me exactly what they were seeing. I appreciated how gentle they were as I am […]
Rosanna C.
The energy the staff had. They really showed they cared about you and your health. They really love their careers.
Cynthia M.
Never a long wait time and the staff is great with kids. My daughter is usually difficult at the dentist but the staff, Ashley in particular, kept her laughing the whole time.
Xiomara M.
The doctors are really nice and really kind
Wilfrido R.
I love the staff! Super friendly.
Ryan L.
Completely satisfied
Moziah F.
Love taken my kids theere, they are fast and very respectful
La M.
My son and daughter had a beautiful experience at Gentle Dental. The staff is awesome and very patient and attentive to lil ones like my children. Thank you Gentle Dental and we look forward to […]
Rachel Q.
Staff is very friendly.
Margaret G.
The dentist, Dr. Meyers was so nice and so gentle (thus Gental Dental!) The nurse who also took care of me, was so nice too. I had a root canal, and I didn’t feel a thing. Dr. Meyers was humming a […]
Hadley E.
Fantastic , no pain ‘ highly recommend these ladies
David K.
Love it there very nice very fast.
Sylvia W.
Just an over all pleasent experience
Anthony S.
Ashley was great! My son was super scared coming in but after he saw her and she started joking around, he forgot what he was there for. The staff is super nice and I loved the environment.
Lina D.
You’re helpful, informative, and willing to work with me in my situation.
Kelly F.
Great staff. Positive working relationship and beautiful are the best.You are special I appreciate your staff.Thanks to a great team
Sando K.
Very pleasant staff.
Margaret G.
Everybody was friendly
Chavonne V.
Pleasant and friendly people.
Margaret G.
Staff was very polite ave welcoming
Pamela H.
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