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Why Should I Get Dentures?

Your teeth are responsible for your smile, for speech facilitation, for chewing, and for the structural stability of your jaw. When you’re missing many or all of your teeth or they’re not healthy, all of these things can suffer. A set of dentures can alleviate these issues and restore your self-confidence and your beautiful smile. Since dentures can last for years if properly maintained, this is a good investment in your overall health.

What Denture Types Are There?

Dentures are available in many styles, whether you need a one-tooth denture or a full-mouth set, there’s a style of denture for you.

How Does a Full Denture Work?

A full denture will replace all your natural teeth with a set of man-made teeth and will restore the functions that were compromised with the loss of your teeth. Your dentist will make impressions and take measurements so that your denture will be an accurate representation of your natural teeth and bite. Then, you’ll have extractions and implants installed as necessary, and you’ll receive a temporary denture to serve while your permanent device is crafted. When your gums have fully healed, your new denture will be installed and adjusted so that it fits well and is as comfortable as possible.

How Does a Partial Denture Work?

If you have most of your natural teeth and they’re in good condition, then a partial may be the solution to your missing teeth. A partial is similar to a bridge except a bridge is a permanent installation; a partial is a removable denture that must be removed and cleaned each night. Your partial will have clasps that will anchor it to the adjacent teeth.

What Are Flexible Partials?

Flexible partials are made of a pliable material that moves as the mouth moves. The clasps are made of the same pliable material so they more closely resemble your natural teeth. Some wearers find the flexible partial to be more comfortable.

What’s an Implant-Supported Denture and How Does It Work?

Implant-supported dentures are secured by implants typically only on the lower jaw which requires more stability than the upper jaw. This denture needs to be removed and cleaned each night.

What Are All-on-Four Dentures?

An All-on-Four denture is one of the most convenient available. Artificial teeth are permanently affixed to implants, usually in the bottom jaw, and this denture provides greater biting power than a traditional denture.

How Do I Get New Dentures?

If you’re ready to get new dentures in Reading, call our office today. We can answer any questions you may have about affordable quality dentures and schedule an appointment for you. At your appointment, you and your dentist will decide the options you want, take impressions and measurements of your teeth and gums, extract teeth as necessary, and install implants if you’ve chosen them. You’ll receive a temporary denture to wear until your gums heal, and then your new dentures will be secured and adjusted so that they are comfortable and work well.

What Will Dentures Cost Overall?

The cost of your new dentures will depend on the style and options you have chosen, the materials used to make your dentures, and the amount of work that needs to be done. Call us today to learn more about getting new dentures in Reading.

Why Do Some Patients Receive a Soft Denture Reline?

A soft reline uses a pliable material to reline dentures that have the traditional hard acrylic lining. The reline lasts about two years and eliminates the sore spots that some wearers experience.

If it’s time for you to get new dentures, call us and we’ll help you get the affordable quality dentures that will restore your beautiful smile. Call us today.

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Appreciate the honesty and integrity in a really unique workman’s comp situation
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Great place. Great service. Amazing staff!!!
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Everything is quick, clean, and well done. The staff is very friendly and efficient.
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Pleasant and friendly people.
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You’re helpful, informative, and willing to work with me in my situation.
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The dentist, Dr. Meyers was so nice and so gentle (thus Gental Dental!) The nurse who also took care of me, was so nice too. I had a root canal, and I didn’t feel a thing. Dr. Meyers was humming a […]
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Ashley was great! My son was super scared coming in but after he saw her and she started joking around, he forgot what he was there for. The staff is super nice and I loved the environment.
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They are great people I love them they did a great job and I have a new start to my new life and I’m so grateful
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Staff was very polite ave welcoming
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Friendly and courteous customer service and attention to detail
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Quick service , friendly staff
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Staff is very friendly.
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Great people and I’ve been going here since i was 5 years old I’m 18 now
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Dr Myers and her staff were very nice and pleasant and understanding. I felt respected and valued as a patient!!
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Very friendly & professional staff , they make you feel as though you are family during your visit!
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They are just so freaking awesome I love it here
The best dentist office I’ve ever been to from the waiting room to the back just awesome great job
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